Event GURUGURU Dialogue


I wonder if I am good as I am now. I wonder if I can change or make a good change.... If you have ever felt like that, it's a great feeling! The time has come for you to "think in your own way" about all of these things. Let's take this opportunity to start "thinking in our own way!

Venue Omuta Livinglab


The Omuta Living Lab is a co-creation project that promotes "solving local issues," "new service development and vision-making," and "technology utilization" by setting integrated issues that transcend existing domains and reconfiguring frameworks based on the reality of daily life.



Project to increase the value of a historic building located in a corner of the Omuta Station East Exit roundabout while slowly demolishing it over several years.

People create and live there, but they don't know what it means. Many problems which are elusive are occurring. In order to grasp such roots of "society" and act on them in practice with hand feeling, it is important to have "questions" that make us rethink things from a deeper level and "dialogue" that generates suggestions. Yurika is a site for such "questions" and "dialogue".

Venue Dialogue Eureka



Project VR Tour Project

Project Housing

Project Learning Innovation

Project Collaboration Agreement on Regional Development for DX, Innovation Creation, and Regional Symbiosis with a Focus on People's Lives

Project Omuta City Health and Welfare Comprehensive Plan

Project Joint experiment in solving social issues through a person-centered living laboratory where local communities and companies interact in a new way


Thoughts Thoughts

Activity Domain uzuuzu

Activity Domain Questions and Dialogues

Activity Domain Social System Design

Activity Domain Living Lab