Venue Ningen Societal Festival 2022 - IdentitieS

In 2022, We will host Ningen Festival 2022 - IdentitieS. During the festival, Omuta will be the stage for offline and online projects, dialogues with experts, exhibitions and experiences of works by artists, and demonstrations by companies.

Venue Dialogue Eureka

People create and live there, but they don't know what it means. Many problems which are elusive are occurring. In order to grasp such roots of "society" and act on them in practice with hand feeling, it is important to have "questions" that make us rethink things from a deeper level and "dialogue" that generates suggestions. Yurika is a site for such "questions" and "dialogue".


Project Omuta City Health and Welfare Comprehensive Plan

Project Housing

Project Learning Innovation

Project Joint experiment of "Community-based Living Labs" aiming at innovation creation through collaboration among local governments, local residents, and companies

Project Joint experiment in solving social issues through a person-centered living laboratory where local communities and companies interact in a new way

Project Yuri Ika - Hirameki Onsen Kake Nagaashi ch.


Thoughts Our Thoughts

Activity Domain uzuuzu

Activity Domain Questions and Dialogues (Cultural Conference)

Activity Domain Social System Transformation

Activity Domain Living Labs (Corporate Collaboration)